Prioritizing in the Nursing World -

Prioritizing in the Nursing World

Prioritizing in the nursing world

     Prioritizing in the nursing world is a concept new and experienced nurses struggle with. This video explains how to manage that.

     When you come on to your shift and get report from your nurse prior, thinking about what to do first can be a struggle.

     Step back and remember your abcs. They are airway, breathing, and circulation. Anyone who is having trouble in any of those areas are first to be cared for.

     Another important priority is pain. The last thing I want to hear as a manager is, “My nurse didn’t bring my pain medication for an hour.” If your patient calls for pain medication, think of it as the fifth vital sign. If this isn’t added to a high priority, the patient won’t forget. One bad experience can make the whole stay in the hospital terrible.

     Remember, to help you navigate your assignment well by asking, “Is there anything else I can get for you?” This is of course after you discuss with your patient the plan of care for your shift. Let them know when you will come back. If you can’t make it back in their room, ask your charge nurse to stop in to just tell the patient you didn’t forget about them.

     This is a concept a lot of new nurses struggle with! Experience is the key, and you will eventually figure it out. In other words, prioritizing in the nursing world should always be on the top of your mind.

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