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    Medication Lecture

    Medication Lecture It is very important for nurses not only to administer the correct medication to each patient, but to know what each medication does and how it works. Nurses should be able to identify all medications they are dealing with, and give an assessment of each. They should know...
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    Nebulizing a Patient

    In this video you will learn how to give medication to the patient through nebulization. The most common medication which is given through nebulization is bronchodilator which is administered to asthmatic patient. This medication helps the bronchi to be dilated so that the air flowing through it during respiration will...
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    How to do Intramuscular Injection

    One of the most crucial roles of nurses is giving medication. It should be given accurately to ensure the patient’s safety. There are so many routes on how to administer the medications to patient. It can be given orally, rectally, topical, eye or nasal drops, and parenteral. And one of...
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    Taking a Patient’s Temperature and Pulse Rate

    Taking a Patient’s Temperature and Pulse Rate Every nurse needs to know the basics of taking a patient’s vitals — body temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure. The most important thing in any procedure is to correctly identify the patient. No one wants to be taking...
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    Personal Protective Equipment

    To stay clean and safe, it is very important to properly use and discard personal protective equipment. Things like unsterile gloves, facial masks, and gowns need to be donned properly and also removed in a manner that keeps the germs and bacteria on the equipment, and not on you. Some...
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    Proper Hand Washing For Nurses

    An incredibly overlooked factor in today’s modern world is the importance of hand washing. All healthcare professionals have an innate duty to try to promote and maintain their patient’s health, as well as to strive to prevent contaminations or infections. It is shown that the number one control method for...
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    Nurses on the Night Shift

    Nurses on the Night Shift It can be quite a change to adjust to working on the night shift, while everyone else is happily slumbering away. Some people are saddled with the night shift, and others choose it to spend more time with their kids, to avoid long commutes, or...
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    Traits of a Great Nurse

    Traits of a Great Nurse What makes a great nurse? There are a million different answers to this question, but from the mouth of a nurse herself, here are the top ten traits she deems to be a great nurse. 1. Be true to your patients. Don’t come to work...
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    Nursing Tools of the Trade

    Nursing Tools of the Trade As a nurse, there are many different tools you will need to have with you at all times. These vary with every specialty, but, especially for new nurses, here are some of the main tools that are helpful to always have around. – Calculator. For...

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