About Us -

About Us

NursingCalling.com was founded in 2012 to connect employers and nurses in smarter ways than ever before.

Nurses: The Best Chance Of Being Seen…
Plus A Community That Cares About You

For nurses, posting a resume is free. And employers have every opportunity to find you since they aren’t limited on how many resumes they can see. But connecting you with the right positions isn’t all we do.

Nursing is in our blood, so we’ve created an environment where the best nurses can interact with each other and with useful articles and training materials every day. 

Employers: Affordable Access with No Limits…
You Have Access To Every Nurse In Our System

Our service costs you $99.95 per month (Just register HERE) for as long as you want to use it. It’s that simple. There are no limits on how many nurse resumes you can see or how many candidates you can contact. Cancel anytime you wish.

We founded NursingCalling.com because the way other companies connect nurses and employers doesn’t make much sense. Our model is designed to give nurses the best chance of connecting with an employer who can use their skills.

We help nurses find Nursing Jobs.

Have you seen those sites that charge employers as much as $600 for just a couple weeks access to nurse candidates? What are they thinking? Even worse, they only allow potential employers to see 50 resumes a day, then they charge them $25 to contact a candidate. That means nurses don’t get much visibility and employers don’t get many nurses to choose from. How is anyone going to find a nursing job that way…

None of this makes sense to us.

We knew we could create a better, more sensible way to connect nurses with job opportunities. After months of research and hours of thought, we came up with a system that works better for everyone involved.

Serving nurses and employers, NursingCalling.com works better because we studied how everyone else does business and made sure we don’t make the same mistakes.

We don’t see how anyone benefits from overcharging or limiting access, do you?

We don’t hold anything back.

We offer the nursing community an unmatched array of amenities, including:

Jobs for Nurses

Great nursing articles that help keep you on top of the job market and provide you with great nursing information of all kinds.

Nursing training videos you can enjoy in your home.

Employers, Browse Resumes.

Employers, Post A Job.

– and an ever-increasing array of community-building resources.

More About Our Company

Created by a small team of dedicated medical industry professionals and website programmers, we work to make the nurse-employer connection happen easily for everyone involved. We believe nurses come first. By giving nurses what they deserve means employers get the most complete experience as well. Everyone wins with NursingCalling.com.

Have questions about what we do or how we do it? Please don’t hesitate to ask. Contact Us, and we’ll get back to you with the answers you need.

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